Funeral Consumers Alliance of Champaign County, IL

Green Cremation

For those of you considering cremation, there now is a local option for alkaline hydrolysis or “green” cremation. This process uses only 1/8 of the energy of flame-based cremation. Additionally it eliminates the production of 250 lb. of CO2, the release of mercury and other elements into air, and the byproduct emissions of nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, dioxins, and particulates resulting from flame-based cremation.

While the closest actual facilities for hydrolysis (aka water cremation) are in northern Illinois, a local business Evergreen Cremation Services, 702 Bloomington Road, Suite 102, Champaign, offers this option. They provide services of a funeral director, transportation of the body to a South Holland, IL facility, alkaline hydrolysis fee, containers for cremation and the cremains, and filing of the death certificate.